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MC17XSG/MC32XG problem with connecting to device

Question asked by Mehrdad Ostovary on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by Mehrdad Ostovary


I have to implemet the MC17XSG on K10 CPU with SPI and have big problems.

When I Set the IN1-4 then the output 1-4 goes high. This means that the device is in some kind of fail mode.

Then I try to read the register which reflects at least the IN1-4 and OUT1-5.

I send the message 0x0408 and read no answer (all bits are 0) then I send again 0x0408 and receive again nothing.

Then I tried to send following commands:

 dspi_Write( tpHSData, 0, 0x401, &iDataReceived);      //Write to register 0 the value 0x401
dspi_Write( tpHSData, 0, 0x402, &iDataReceived);
dspi_Write( tpHSData, 0, 0x403, &iDataReceived);
dspi_Write( tpHSData, 0, 0x404, &iDataReceived);
dspi_Write( tpHSData, 0, 0x405, &iDataReceived);
dspi_Write( tpHSData, 0, 0x406, &iDataReceived);
dspi_Write( tpHSData, 0, 0x407, &iDataReceived);
dspi_Write( tpHSData, 0, 0x408, &iDataReceived);
dspi_Write( tpHSData, 0, 0x401, &iDataReceived);
dspi_Write( tpHSData, 8, 0x1F, &iDataReceived); //Turn on all outputs (write to register 8 , 0x1F, ON1-5)


These sequence will be sent every 20ms and watchdog bit is changing at every sequence. The device was running with 2MHz clock but I reduced it to 700KHz but no change.

Whe Chipselect goes down (active) then I see on Osciloscope that there is change in level of few mV and when CS goes high the same in other direction.

I have absolutley no idea why and the data ´sheet is no help at all.


To NXP Stuff: the datasheet of this device is the worst datasheet I ever saw in my life. It is wrong, written in a way that you can understand it wrong and the key sections are moved all around the sheet and not in one place. I never had so much problems to understand a device. You should delete this datat sheet and write it new. There are also wrong information in it. Once: the SI data will be latched at rising edge, in diagram it latched in falling edge. MAKE YOUR JOB AND WRITE A READABLE AND CORRECT DATASHEET!!!


I would be happy if somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance