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Re-Flash issue with S32 Flash tool for S32V234

Question asked by John Yoo Employee on Apr 23, 2019


I'm trying to flash u-boot into eMMC and I got the issue that fail to load algorithm and device file when I reprogramming it.

There was no issue to flash u-boot at the first time, however, the issue was occurred on second time, it means that flash tool doesn't work after running u-boot.


Could you explain the reason why it doesn't work after running u-boot and solution?

I know the workaround in case of using EVB with switching boot device jumper to avoid booting, however, customer board has no jumper to prevent booting. 


It seems that it is same issue when running the demo sdhc_fatfs_s32v234. The demo doesn't work if u-boot is in the SDCARD.


1. Please explain root cause of the issue.

2. How can I modify the sdhc_fatfs_s32v234 demo to run with SDCARD u-boot inside.



Thank you.

Best Regards,

John Yoo