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K66F: CMake build, cross-compile and debug on MCUXpresso

Question asked by alejandrosancho on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by Con Verse

I am currently trying to implement my first project using CMake to generate the makefiles so that I can import the project into MCUXpresso and debug on the target (K66F). Up to now, I have been able to build code for the host PC, but not been able to cross-compile for the K66F. I have been trying to include the toolchain file provided with the SDK. Doing this, the code builds but I cannot upload and debug. 


I attach the debug configuration i'm using in MCUXpresso as well as the two CMakeLists.txt files:




      ---> CMakeLists2.txt    



(Im not focusing on "proper" CMake on this project, just looking to be able to build and debug the project)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.