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IMX8MQ Camera mipi Question

Question asked by Yang Qing on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by wasim nazir

hi ,

I'm developing camera mipi driver on IMX8MQ-evk board, my camera output data is RAW-10bit.

When I refer to ov5640 driver code , I encountered below issues.

1. in 'drivers/media/platform//mxc/capture/mx6s_capture.c' , there are some registers as below, but I can't find any clue about below registers in Reference Manual .(from review code, I know these register's base address is 0x0x30A90000)

#define CSI_CSICR1 0x0
#define CSI_CSICR2 0x4
#define CSI_CSICR3 0x8
#define CSI_STATFIFO 0xC
#define CSI_CSIRXFIFO 0x10
#define CSI_CSIRXCNT 0x14
#define CSI_CSISR 0x18

#define CSI_CSIDBG 0x1C
#define CSI_CSIDMASA_FB1 0x28
#define CSI_CSIDMASA_FB2 0x2C
#define CSI_CSIFBUF_PARA 0x30
#define CSI_CSIIMAG_PARA 0x34

#define CSI_CSICR18 0x48
#define CSI_CSICR19 0x4c


2. same question as upon , can't find out any introducation about below registers(0x180~0x198) in Reference Manual.(base address is 0x30A70000)

in "driver/media/platform/imx8/mxc-mipi-csi2_yav.c" , 

printk("MIPI CSI2 HC IGNORE_VC 0x180 = 0x%x\n",          readl(csi2dev->base_regs + 0x180));
printk("MIPI CSI2 HC VID_VC 0x184 = 0x%x\n",                   readl(csi2dev->base_regs + 0x184));
printk("MIPI CSI2 HC FIFO_SEND_LEVEL 0x188 = 0x%x\n", readl(csi2dev->base_regs + 0x188));
printk("MIPI CSI2 HC VID_VSYNC 0x18C = 0x%x\n", r         eadl(csi2dev->base_regs + 0x18C));
printk("MIPI CSI2 HC VID_SYNC_FP 0x190 = 0x%x\n",       readl(csi2dev->base_regs + 0x190));
printk("MIPI CSI2 HC VID_HSYNC 0x194 = 0x%x\n",          readl(csi2dev->base_regs + 0x194));
printk("MIPI CSI2 HC VID_HSYNC_BP 0x198 = 0x%x\n",    readl(csi2dev->base_regs + 0x198));


3. in Reference Manual, mentions some "Data Type" as below,

"  RAW10 (Data Type = 0x2B) "

how do I set value 0x2B to Data Type?


My Reference Manual version is :

name : i.MX 8M Dual/8M QuadLite/8M Quad Applications Processors Reference Manual

Document Number: IMX8MDQLQRM

Rev. 0, 01/2018