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HDMI to CAT6 Extender

Question asked by Naveen Kumar Sareen on Apr 23, 2019

Greetings of the Day Sir

Need your support to enhance our existing product - HDMI to CAT6 Extender, using Transmitter and Receivers in pairs.


Sir at present we have this product using DS34RT5110SQE  (One CHIP in Transmitter and One CHIP in Receiver).

But this CHIP has limitations that this does not support 4k, and has limitation of CAT6 Cable length upto only 30Mtrs.


Sir my question is:

  • Does NXP has any CHIP which could be used in place of DS34RT5110SQE. (No issues if not Pin to Pin)
  • Which could support HDMI 4k
  • Which could extend CAT6 Signal >70 Mtrs

Kindly reply for any solutions.



Naveen Kumar