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LPC54605 Flexcomm clock question

Question asked by Matt Lang on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by jeremyzhou

On the LPC54605J256 part, I am running the main clock at 180MHz. I'm configuring the SPI and I had a question about the clock configuration.


The datasheet says "Flexcomm Interface function clock frequency should not be above 48MHz". Since my main clock is 180MHz, I want to use the FRG for the common Flexcomm clock so I can use the FRGCTRL to divide the 180MHz down to the 30MHz clock I want.


But, if I want to use a UART on another peripheral, the datasheet says the FRGDIV value must stay at 255. I can not achieve a clock of 30MHz with the FRGCTRL.


Flexcom Clock (30MHz) = 180MHz / (1 + MUL/256)

MUL would have to be 1280. Which can not fit in the MUL register.


My question is:

1) Can the input to a specific flexcomm (flexcomm0) be 180Mhz, then use the SPI0 DIV register to divide by 6 to get my 30MHz. Or does the clock before the SPI DIV have to be less than 48MHz to begin with?



My code is working with the frg_clk clock being 180Mhz and using the SPI DIV to bring it down to 30Mhz. But I want to make sure this is a valid operational mode.



End goal, I need the following to work:
Main clock = 180MHz

SPI0 (flexcomm0) = 30MHz

Flexcomm2 (UART) = 600Buad to 115200Baud