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TDF8546 i2c based audio amplifier | Porting CS42888 into Android 7.12 |Custom Sabreauto based board

Question asked by RICHU C J on Apr 22, 2019
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We have connected audio Amp TDF8546 to i2c1 and Audio codec cs4288 to i2c2 on probing in u-boot we can see the address 6Eh of audio amplifier ,but address 48h of audio codec is not showingi2c1(0) showing address 6eh  and i2c2 (1) is not showing address 48h

Audio Codec CS42888 same as Sabreauto also on same cpu pins as Sabreauto.


RST pin is set high. We probed the 4 out channels from cs42888 Aout_1p,Aout_1n ....etc,while playing audio and could not find out signals.Platform drivers, machine drivers and codec drivers are added in the sourcecode.

Is there any additions required for this  ?

Can anyone explain why there is no signals in that pin?


Audio amplifier device connector

When i am checking the available cards  it is showing as

while playing audio using tinyplay it shows playing but  outputs no  sound

Can anyone explain me how the routing is done in Sabreauto running Android 7.1.

audio amplifier can work without any software changes ?

Thanks ,