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Why MC33903 reply 0x21F4 when send 0x2580(read device id) to it ?

Question asked by Martin Zhang on Apr 21, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by Martin Zhang

Hi NXP Team,

I send SPI cmd 0x2580 to MC33903 to read the device id , but it replys 0x21F4, which means MC33905D not MC33903 used on evb. Detail description see the following points.


1. Problem

MOSI 0x2580=0b0010 0101 1000 0000

Control Bits = 00


Register address = 10 010


MISO 0x21F4-0b0010 0001 1111 0100


We can know, Vdd=1, device p/n[1..0]=11, id[4..0]=1 0100


problem point:

1) device p/n[1..0]=11,  means the device part number is MC33905D. But it doesn't the part number used on evb. Why?


2) What's the meaning of 0x21 in 0x21F4? Why it is not the same with MO 0x2580's address? I cannot find the description in datasheet.


2.Test Environment

Test Tools


SDK: KEA_Driver_Lib_V1


Test Object


MC33903 detail PN: MCZ33903CD5EK

SPI: 16bit mode, 1Mbps, communication period = 200ms, clock Parity=0, clock phase=1


3. Test Result

Number of Test >= 10

My logic analyzer always shows the same result: 

MOSI 0x2580
MISO 0x21F4


That's my IDE CW11's expressions for SPI data in debug mode