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GUI Flash Tools fails by trying to write BSS Segments

Question asked by Rolf Wöhrmann on Apr 21, 2019
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there's a strange error when using the GUI Flash Too inside MCUxpresso. It looks like it tries to flash BSS segments to the RAM address which obviously fails. Below there's a log showing these errors for internal RAM BSS segments (at 0x202000E8) for IMXRT1064 as well for board SDRAM (0x80000040). I'm using the EVK board and using the managed linker script.


When I debug the program it works fine, however I saw also that it also gdb target downloads these BSS segments which takes a lot of time and is a bit strange, since they are initialized at startup. No need for target downloading them.


I've also attached the generated linker script. The BSS section in question here are from .bss_RAM3 and .bss_RAM4 in the script.


Any help is welcome!






Sending VECTRESET to run flash driver

Flash variant 'RT1064' detected (4MB = 64*64K at 0x70000000)

Closing flash driver MIMXRT1064.cfx

( 65) Chip Setup Complete

Connected: was_reset=false. was_stopped=false

( 70) License Check Complete

Loading 'imxrt_v4.axf' ELF 0x202000E8 len 0x9578

File 'imxrt_v4.axf' load failure: Ef(11). No flash configured.

Loading 'imxrt_v4.axf' ELF 0x70000000 len 0x1C760

Opening flash driver MIMXRT1064.cfx (already resident)

Sending VECTRESET to run flash driver

Flash variant 'RT1064' detected (4MB = 64*64K at 0x70000000)

Writing 116576 bytes to address 0x70000000 in Flash

1 of 1 (  0) Writing pages 0-1 at 0x70000000 with 116576 bytes

(  0) at 70000000: 0 bytes - 0/116576

( 14) at 70000000: 16384 bytes - 16384/116576

( 28) at 70004000: 16384 bytes - 32768/116576

( 42) at 70008000: 16384 bytes - 49152/116576

( 56) at 7000C000: 16384 bytes - 65536/116576

( 70) at 70010000: 16384 bytes - 81920/116576

( 84) at 70014000: 16384 bytes - 98304/116576

( 98) at 70018000: 16384 bytes - 114688/116576

(100) at 7001C000: 16384 bytes - 131072/116576

Erased/Wrote sector  0-1 with 116576 bytes in 5374msec

Closing flash driver MIMXRT1064.cfx

(100) Finished writing Flash successfully.

Flash Write Done

Loaded 0x1C760 bytes in 5659ms (about 20kB/s)

Loading 'imxrt_v4.axf' ELF 0x80000040 len 0x1930C8

File 'imxrt_v4.axf' load failure: Ef(11). No flash configured.

(100) Target Connection Failed

Unable to perform operation!

Command failed with exit code 1