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Undefined reference to '----' in MCU xpresso

Question asked by Niranjan ravi on Apr 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by Mahendran Manoharan


    I am working on LPC54018 board. I have two different software stacks in MCU xpresso


1. One using a71ch with IBM watson platform

2.Second using LPC iot module with Alexa


Both projects are working successfully when I test them independently. I wanted to integrate them. I was able to do it almost but there is a place when I am not able to proceed further.


I have two files aws_shadow.h and its corresponding aws_shadow.c files. I need to call them in my main.c file in the function void prvShadowMainTask(void *pvParameters).


I made the code changes inside ibm_watsin_demo.c which holds the main() and when I try to navigate to SHADOW_Delete() function and other shadow functions, I am able to. But when I build my project , they are throwing me an error like below:



I have added the amazon-freertos folder which holds all the required files. But I am not able to map it in a right way. 

Is there any declaration or initialization function/file I am missing over here?

Any pointers would be helpful.


I have attached the project files with this.


Thank you

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