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KV58: How to use eDMA to reload the value registers of FlexPWM?

Question asked by on Apr 20, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by Aldo Gutierrez


IAR 8.20.1



I want to use DMA to change the duty of PWM every cycle. But I don't know how to set the LDOK in PWMx_MCTRL0.


I have tried to use DMA to transfer the VAL2 and VAL3 registers, but the pwm signal didn't change. I have enabled the  DMA write requests in PWMx_SMnDMAEN, and I'm sure DMA has transferred the data to the PWM buffer.


The "KV5x Sub-Family Reference Manual" (Document Number: KV5XP144M240RM Rev. 4, 06/2016) wrote in P1359:

MCTRL0[LDOK] can be set in DMA mode when the DMA indicates that it has completed the update of all CTRL[PRSC], INIT,FRACVALx, and VALx registers in the corresponding submodule. Reset clears LDOK field.


So even I only want to change the VAL2 and VAL3, I must use DMA transfer all the register (CTRL[PRSC], INIT, FRACVALx, and VALx) to let the LDOK be set automatically? And is there any rules of transmission sequence?