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After Download the code My design 5744P board cannot work

Question asked by yang jing on Apr 19, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by Marius-lucian Andrei

Hi, everyone.

 I have done the GPIO demo model on the Devkit-MPC5744P board , and when I set PA4=1,PA3=0,PA2=0 by hardware ,I can use the UART1 download the code by  USB2Serial,and the I/O work well.

But when I used my own design 5744P board,when I set PA4=1,PA3=0,PA2=0, I bulid the same GPIO demo,it cannot download code by the same USB2Seria,when I set PA4=0,PA3=0,PA2=0, I bulid the same GPIO model,it can download code,but the I/O without output as I wanted .Can you please tell me what is the issue here.

I do appreciate it if you could help.