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In FS6513, FLT_ERR_2:0 is showing Max value(6) at Init

Question asked by Vaibhav Sharma on Apr 18, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by Dennis Zeng

The FLT_ERR_2:0 bits is showing 6(FEC is configured for threshold 6) at the start of the SBC_Init function(before any of the other command being sent).
So presently after initializing SPI & port drivers, SBC is being init, the 1st cmd is reading the Fault error counter's present value & it returns as 6 (Not 1, which is the default value). What can be the issue?


When am reading the FEC value & WD_ANSWER(For RSTB bit) & DIAG_SF_IOS(For RSTB_EXT) reg, at that time, both these reset bits are set which gets cleared later on.


Am unable to refresh the WD for the very 1st time, assuming it due to this FEC max. value reached, so please help with a solution!!!

Why did the FEC reached max. at startup only?


Thanks in advance.