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    iMX8QM SCU GPIO Configuration Issue

Question asked by prashanth kumar on Apr 19, 2019
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We are using 4.14.78 Kernel BSP for iMX8QM Custom Board, in which its unable to configure (read/write) LSIO GPIOs in SCU firmware(imx-scfw-porting-kit-1.1.2) source code board file.


The GPIOs configuration as below,


Inside platform/board/mx8qm_val/board.c file,


uint32_t val;
gpio_pin_config_t config;
config.pinDirection = kGPIO_DigitalOutput;


(void) pad_set_mux(SC_PT, SC_P_M40_I2C0_SCL, 0U, SC_PAD_CONFIG_NORMAL, SC_PAD_ISO_OFF);
(void) pad_set_mux(SC_PT, SC_P_M41_I2C0_SDA,, 0U, SC_PAD_CONFIG_NORMAL, SC_PAD_ISO_OFF);


FGPIO_PinInit(FGPIOA, 6U, &config);
val = FGPIO_ReadPinInput(FGPIOA, 6U);
board_print(1, "\nGPIO Status = %x\n", val);


FGPIO_PinInit(FGPIOA, 11U, &config);
val = FGPIO_ReadPinInput(FGPIOA, 11U);
board_print(1, "\nGPIO Status = %x\n", val);


The out put for GPIO always getting as val = 0 for both LSIO GPIOs instead of 1.

1) Is there any additional SCU APIs need to configure for reading LSIO GPIo status?
2) Is above configuration is proper? If not can you please help how to read/write LSIO GPIO status in SCU.


Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Prashanth Kumar K