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i.MX6UL eMMC and micro SD same time

Question asked by Zoltan Szabo on Apr 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Artur Petukhov



We are designing a custom hardware for our customer, with i.mx6ul. We are not so familiar with it, so we started to build based on available  EVK schematics.


The hardware need to have emmc and micro SD at same time, but on EVK schematic this are an OR option, and are connected to the i.mx6ul NAND port, I mean share same data lines, as marked with green on attached Untitled8.png. Of course this should be no problem if just one of them are installed, but we need both at same time. 


The i.mx6ul has a dedicated SD port too, but on the EVK next to that is mentioned # SD CARD FULL SIZE  what makes us confused, as theoretically also micro SD could be connected there, or may be there is some reason that we dont know, for full size SD.


Actually we didnt fount any reference schematic which use emmc and micro SD at same time. We ques that emmc should be connected to the NAND port, while the micro SD to the SD port, but we are not sure about.


Could someone confirm, or better give as link to a schematic that use emmc and micro SD at same time ?


Thank You in advance !