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a problem of imx8mq's 64GB emmc

Question asked by pingyu chen on Apr 17, 2019
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We use imx8mq and our board is desinged based on imx8mq evk board but the emmc is 64GB. We have finished the development on android8, and it works well. 

Now we want to use android9 on it. We modify the android9 source code and compile them, then make the images successfully. All android9's image files can be worked well on the evk board, but can't be worked on our broad, the system is hang when the "Android" logo is display, then reboot automatically.


I think that there is some wrong in the partition.img.But I use the same way to modify android8's bpt file and android9's bpt file. Android8's partition image is ok.


Then I have a test by using the 16GB emmc partition img file which is from nxp to our board with 64 GB. I use uuu to burn all image files to our board and don't encounter any problem. Our board also can't work, the system is still hang when the "Android" logo is display.


From log information, our board seems don't remount sdcardfs .


The log files are attached.


Thank you for any help!