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LS1012A-FRWY Unable to Recover

Question asked by on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 5, 2019 by ufedor

I am trying to perform recovery on a LS1012A-FRWY that doesn’t boot anymore and I’m following the procedure as described in

I am unable to connect to the core, even if I am setting USE_SAFE_RCW=True.

In CW I'm getting the following:

When USE_SAFE_RCW=False, I get this:

Using CLI:


The board does not boot. No characters appear on the terminal.

The onboard K20 works fine, the MBED drive appears, the virtual COM port works and I am able to put the K20 in bootloader.


I am using an external CMSIS-DAP interface connected to J11.


I saw something about the R50 (in several topics; e.g.LS1012A-FRDM Codewarrior Flash Error )

Do I have to perform any hw procedures on the board?


Please advise.

Thank you!