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USB format failing with flash storage - SDK 2.5.0

Question asked by Pankti Kapadia Employee on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Felipe García



I am working on enabling USB MSC on KL28 based controller. For that, I have used frdmkl28z_dev_msc_ramdisk_freertos SDK examples project. This project is working as expected. When I connect chip, it is getting detected as mass storage device and format is successful. Now the problem is, it is using ramdisk as storage medium and my requirement is permanent flash based storage. So for that I have modified USB_DeviceMscCallback() to store and get back data from flash and not from ram. 


After code changes, USB enumeration process is successful and now when I try to format disk, it is failing with 'Windows is unable to complete the format'. I can see from debugging that flash write is success and 13 bytes of success response is prepared and sent to host. 


What can possibly be wrong here?    


SDK version used : 2.5.0