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Why S32 Design Studio is only using one CPU core?

Question asked by Alejandro Méndez on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by Alejandro Méndez

Dear S32 DS developer team,


We have been working with S32 DS ARM 2018 R1 in our last project were we have one S32K144, one S32K146, and a ST MCU. We are running the software in Windows 7 Enterprise.


The problem we are having is that when we are using S32 DS to compile a project it takes a long time to compile. This is the case for both projects. We have noticed that it seems to be a Processor Expert issue since even when importing the project it can take over 15 minutes just to load the imported project with all the Processor Expert configuration. 


We have enabled parallel build option in the Build menu of the project. Also we have set to No the "Generate code before build automatically" in the Processor Expert options of the project. This last change helps to reduce compiling time to less than 50 times the time it takes when generating the Processor Expert code. 


We have also noticed that even when parallel build option is enabled, S32 DS never uses more than 25% of our computers CPU even though they are 4 cores. So it is basically always using one core which is making things run much slower than they should.


Could you please help us reduce building time and generating processor expert code time as well as importing a project?


Is there any way to make S32 DS work with the 4 cores so things are at least a bit better?


Thank you.




Alejandro Mendez.