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Corrupted QSPI flash LS1046ARDB

Question asked by Clement Barribaud on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by Benedikt Schroefel

First, we tried to flash uboot into ls1046ardb qspi using a debugger. After a bad manipulation, Uboot was unable to load and prompt in serial neither on bank0 nor bank4. In order to recover uboot in bank0 & bank4 we booted from an SD card and flashed uboot on bank0 and bank4 with “sf ...” commands.


With the command “cpld reset altbank” we can load uboot flashed in qspi bank4 (after a boot from SD card). But with SW3[5] = 1 ,in order to boot on bank4 after a simple reset, nothing happens.


Bank0 is totally inaccessible. After a reset without SD card, nothing happens, the board seems to be stuck in reset mode. Moreover, with the debugger, we can flash uboot_ls1046ardb_qspi.bin at 0x40100000 and dump it, but we are unable to flash rcw_1800_qspiboot.bin at 0x40000000~0x40008000 we can’t even erase this flash block, values are always 0.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.