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mfgtool does not burn images after secure boot fusing

Question asked by ellie kim on Apr 14, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Rita Wang

Our lab is currently developing a payment device using imx6ul.


We use the provided mfgtool to burn to eMMC such as u-boot and kernel.


After fusing values for setting the SRK and secure boot mode on the Imx6ul , image burn will not be performed on the eMMC .


Detailed symptom is that the BootStrap state, which loads required files such as u-boot and kernel, is not a conversion to the actual Updater state.


(Xml, Jumping to OS image. Message output only progresses and stops)




If you set the SRK and secure boot mode to Imx6ul, is the current symptom that prevents eMMC from being detected in Windows using mfgtool?


If it is normal, we ask if there is any other way to burn images such as u-boot and kernel after fusing.