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floating-point operation FreeRTOS_10_1_1

Question asked by 燕琳 赵 on Apr 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by 燕琳 赵

Hello expert:

I use freeRTOS_10_1_1, and I creat only one task. I get ADC value from ADC12, but when I change the sample into voltage, there is something wrong.

After the following floating-point is comouted,:

 /* Process the result to get the value in volts */
 adcValue = ((float) adcRawValue / adcMax) ;//* (ADC_VREFH - ADC_VREFL);

then the task sleep controlled by follwing command:


but the task will be never entered. why ?

I don't understand the floating-point operation has relationship with running task.

Could you give me some suggestion?