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Changes in i.MX6 USB drivers to prevent flash drive data corruption?

Question asked by alik on Apr 14, 2019

We are using i.MX6Q with Linux 3.10.17. The system saves data to external USB flash drive.


We have been using Kingston DataTraveler R3.0 G2 drives without any issues until they got discontinued. After switching to Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G2 drives we started seeing occasional corruption in saved JPEG image data - either missing data (grey pixels) or shifted parts of image. This may point to FAT corruption, but may be cluster corruption as well.


Trying to determine whether this is due to change in USB flash drives alone or due to interaction between USB drivers with USB flash drives (MLC vs TLC, different controller firmware). 


So, my question is - were there any significant changes/bugfixes/improvements in i.MX6Q USB drivers since Linux 3.10.17 that addressed USB flash corruption? Updating to the latest Linux would be an expensive undertaking as we have quite a few customizations, so it would be good to know the probability of our issue being addressed.


Some information about the USB drives we used.


Kingston DataTraveler R3.0 G2:
Controller Vendor: Phison
Controller Part-Number: PS2251-07(PS2307) - F/W 01.04.10 [2014-03-20]
Flash ID code: 98DE94937650 - Toshiba TC58NVG6DDJTA00 [MLC-16K]


Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G2:
Controller Vendor: Phison
Controller Part-Number: PS2251-07(PS2307) - F/W 08.01.50 [2017-01-17]
Flash ID code: AD3A18030050 - Hynix [TLC]