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How to implement most basic audio input example on FRDM-K66F

Question asked by Michael Byrne on Apr 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by scott reynolds

I've recently purchased a FRDM-K66F board, primarily because it offers an on-board microphone. My difficulty is in actually using that microphone or even a line-in microphone. Currently, I'm running the sai_interupt_record_playback example with headphones and a mic plugged into the appropriate jacks. I'm expecting to get some output through the headphones, but I just get a clunk sound and maybe a beep and then just air. Are my expectations wrong?


My one and only goal in using this microphone is in logging spectral data. I don't need to record or playback or anything, so I'm really just looking for the simplest possible example of sampling audio input with this board, either via the onboard mic or an external mic. Any help is appreciated. I've been futzing with this all week. 




- michael