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USB MULTILINK UNIVERSAL - can't connect to S08PA16

Question asked by Graham Pratt on Apr 12, 2019
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Trying to get the brand new programmer going!!!

Got an S08PA16 with crystal on a small piece of breadboard. GND, RST and BKGD connections made. With the debug cable disconnected the reset pin continually  pulses low for 4uS every 7mS. (the mcu is blank) The BKGD pin stays high. Also the xtal doesn't oscillate. Connect the debug cable and no different. The BKGD never goes low and the programmer can't make a connection. Tried holding the BKGD low with a jumper lead, forcing a 4MHz clock into both xtal pins, one at a time. The yellow power LED on the programmer doesn't come on but I don't think it is meant to because this one can't supply power to the target. The programmer is recognised in the drop down selection list on the pc just fine. It just wont connect. Buzzed out the 6-way cable. Cable is definitely orientated on the header pins correctly.