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Could you help me disenable the Ezport_cs based on Kinetis K60?

Question asked by TURBO yan on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by TURBO yan

hello,I want to ask a question, it worried me for a long time. 

I use the #Kinetis #K60 to make a project, and i want to use the PIN PTA4, but i must disable the #Ezport_cs, so i add a code "#FTFL_FOPT=0x00;" in my main function. but it didn't work ,when i put down the PTA4, K60 still enter to the Ezport mode. then i read the datasheet,

i find that i need to control the flash to change the FTFL_FOPT register maybe. Is that right? I just use the IDEs to control the register but not using CodeWarrior

I read some Post and know that CodeWarrior and IDEs are different, Is that right?

Could you help me solve it problem? It worried me for a long long time. Thank you very much.