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some problems about MC33908 wake up using IO

Question asked by 冬冬 彭 on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by G.w. Sun

hi ,now im using the MC33908 SBC chip ,the problem i got is  how to use the IO_0 to wake up the SBC, i use the following code make the SBC chip in a LPOFF state sucessfully ,but when i intend to wake up the SBC using IO_0 wake up , i failed , these is a very strange phenomenon, i can wake up the SBC for a very short time using rising edge of IO_0, but it can not last for good, i dont know why , anybody who is familiar with this chip  can help me out? thanks a lot in advance.

void PwSBC_SleepMode(void){
Status_16B_tag status;
uint16_t cmd;

//Put Can in sleep mode with no wakeup
// cmd = 0xB000;
// cmd = PwSBC_ComputeParity(cmd);
// status = PwSBC_SetMainReg(cmd); //Can enters sleep mode

cmd = 0xAA20;// LPOFF command according to datasheet
cmd = PwSBC_ComputeSecurityBits(cmd);
cmd = PwSBC_ComputeParity(cmd);
status = PwSBC_SetMainReg(cmd);// send command twice 
status = PwSBC_SetMainReg(cmd);