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RT1052: Why is it not possible to access a QSPI flash device as a memory store while XiP from another QSPI flash device on the same bus different chip-select?

Question asked by SYED JAFFAR on Apr 11, 2019
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According to a couple of posts in the NXP community (referenced with links below) when running code out of QSPI Flash there seems to be a limitation that prevents general purpose storage actions on another QSPI Flash or storage device on the same bus managed by a different chip-select.

  1. What is the reason for this limitation?
  2. Are there plans on lifting this limitation?



- RT1050 QSPI Flash Limitations:

- System hangs with simultaneous QSPI file access and XiP execution:



Using the RT1052, I am trying to have XiP execution from QSPI Flash on A1 and access a different QSPI Flash on A2 for storage purposes (ie. read/write/erase to QSPI Flash on A2 while XiP from QSPI Flash on A1).


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