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How to reconfigure Flexcan mailbox

Question asked by Niranjan ravi on Apr 10, 2019
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   I am working on FRDM tower boards to establish CAN bus communication.  I was successful in my approach to send and receive data between two FRDM tower boards using CAN bus. However, I am not able to understand few parts.


1. What is a mailbox? Is this the CAN ID for the device or this specifies the memory location?

2. In flexcan_interrupt_transfer.c example, 

/* Set Rx Masking mechanism. */
FLEXCAN_SetRxMbGlobalMask(EXAMPLE_CAN, FLEXCAN_RX_MB_STD_MASK(rxIdentifier, 0, 0)); 

is used. Why does there have to be  a masking?


Now I am trying a receive data from a different board into my tower board using CAN bus. But the other board does not have flexCAN, it works like a simple CAN. My other board is sending its CAN ID, Node ID and data altogether where I need to mask it in tower board side to get individual ID.


I am not able to get a clear idea of how FlexCAN works.I checked but could not find any documentation which would explain me the basics of flexcan. It would be great if someone could point me in the right direction in above questions and documentation as well.


Board: twrKf120

Example: flexcan_interrupt_transfer


Thank you

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