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SD card is giving error

Question asked by nagaraju polisetty on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2019 by Pavel Chubakov


I am working on LS2088ARDB(lsdk 18_12), I am facing issue with SD card, when i am booting from QSPI, SD card is not getting detected when I tried to boot from QSPI. I am not seeing this issue when i am booting from the NOR.


Error i am getting is "Card did not respond to voltage select!".


I observered that few of the pin are muxed, for the SPI flash and the SDHC.





1. I have update following things in the RCW



2.  I checked the value  of BRDGFG5 in the u-boot, the value is coming as zero(As show in the below screenshot).



Currently, according to configuration when CONFIG_FSL_QSPI is enabled,  CONFIG_FSL_QIXIS is not defined.


So i have enabled(CONFIG_FSL_QIXIS) manually to check/set the BRDGFG5  register in the function "config_board_mux"  in ls2080ardb.c, even after changing the mux pin still I am not able to resolve the issue.


Can you please support me in resolving the issue?