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How to create v4l2 subdevice

Question asked by Nikhil Karale on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by Krisztian Bakos

Hello all,


I working on interfacing own camera chip with iMX8M processor using linux kernel 4.14.78.

I have written the camera driver for chip and it probes successfully as a video subdevice.


In order to program the chip from the user application, i need to define some custom controls in my v4l2 sub-device driver As per the following link 1.7. V4L2 sub-devices — Linux Media Subsystem Documentation documentation  , subdevice must get created in /dev/ directory but in my case i am not able to generate the subdevice nodes


Does iMX platforms support v4l2 subdevice creation for the video device...?

Can anoyne help me to create v4l2 subdevice entry for my camera driver...?