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iMXRT1064 Emwin with Internal RAM LCD frame buffer

Question asked by Anuj Tanksali on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Victor Jimenez


The iMXRT 1064 emwin demo code uses the external SDRAM for LCD frame buffer. I was able to configure the internal ram for LCD frame buffer in linker settings (see attached file). I select SRAM_OC instead of BOARD_SDRAM_NONCACHEABLE for .data and .bss sections the code is running fine on my 1064 EVK board.


When i configure the Emwin code to use 1 LCD buffer instead of 2 (#define GUI_BUFFERS 1) my screen is not displayed correctly. I see the text displayed but with a lot of garbage on the screen. When i use 2 buffers (#define GUI_BUFFERS  2) for LCD buffer the screen displays fine. 


If i use external SDRAM for LCD frame buffer with GUI_BUFFERS as 1 then it displays fine but not with internal RAM.

what could be the issue here.