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MPC8640D core voltage and power dissipation

Question asked by jackchen2016 on Apr 10, 2019
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     Hello everyone, I have two questions about the MPC8640D processor(The part number of the CPU I am using is MC8640DTVJ1067NE,CPU operating frequency is 1GHz,and MPX is 500MHz). One is the problem of the core voltage supply during dual-core operation, and the other is the power consumption of the dual-core operation.
    1. From the MPC8640D data sheet, when the dual core is working, its core voltage requirement is 0.95V, but when the actual dual core is powered by 0.95V, it cannot work in dual-core mode. At this time, the single-core mode can work, and the core voltage is After changing to 1.05V, it can works in dual-core mode.So,it need 1.05V or 0.95V when working in dual core?

    2. In Table 5 of the MPC8640D data sheet, when VDD_Core0/VDD_Core1 = 1.05 V at 1000 MHz, the power consumption is 15W. This means that when dual-core operation is performed, the maximum power consumption of dual-core is 15W when the junction temperature is 105℃.