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two firmwares in internal flash of I.MXRT1064

Question asked by Anup Bhutada on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Victor Jimenez

Micro Controller : I.MXRT1064

Scenario : 1. Firmware1 will be running on address 0x70000000 in internal flash.


So in my application, I will receive Firmware2 code(.hex) from server and I will write it on 0x70300000. then I have to run 0x70300000(Firmware2).


My understanding is : 1. I will flash code (firmware1) using debugger at address 0x70000000 and I will write code to receive data from server and I will write it in internal flash at address 0x70300000 by following API:

status = flexspi_nor_flash_page_program(instance, &config, address, &write_temp_regi); // program 1 page


So my question is how to jump to this address 0x70300000 ? Or is there any other way like swap address ?

Please help me step by step and if screen shots are there , it will be well and good.


Thanks in Advance.