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DPAA QMAN Order Restoration

Question asked by Sedat Altun on Apr 9, 2019
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"DPAA QMAN Order restoration implementation in SDK".


We are using DPAA drivers on t4240 SoC with sdk 2.0 for a network device like a router.

Our problem is the difference between ingress and egress packet order. They are not the same . May be this is natural due to multicore architecture of T4240. But our TCP applications are sensitive to out of order packets. As a result we get low performance like 700Mbps on a 10g port.


NXP application notes suggest us to define flows and affine each of them to a single core for suppressing order problems within a single flow.  But in this solution the performance of one flow is limited by the single core. But our performance requirements are not met with using a single core for a single flow. We want all the cpu cores to handle the incoming traffic in parallel to get higher data rates. 

Is there any other solution for the packet misordering problem than assigning a flow to a single core.


In DPAA Reference manuel  there is a solution  called Qman order restoration which is used for ordering the out of ordered packtes before sending to FMAN ports.

Can we use this method for packet ordering ?


If yes how can we enable this restoration method in SDK?

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