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Issues with testing alexa and LPC 54018 board

Question asked by Tanmay Parashar on Apr 9, 2019
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I am working with Alexa, AWS and LPC 54018 module. I have followed the steps as mentioned in the lab document attached here. I have set everything up as mentioned.


I am using Alexa simulator to test the on board LED. Whenever I say " ALEXA ask my home to turn on/off the LED" I get a response which says the LED if OFF in both the cases.

A message like this pops up- " Error retrieving device rendering- The object provided is not a valid template"


I am not understanding where I am going wrong. I have added a few attachments here for your reference.


If you need login credentials at the AWS-Lambda/IOT and Alexa Skills side, I can provide you with those to check what the issue is.


Please help me out.

Thank You!


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