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Multilink Driver Problem

Question asked by David Payne on Jan 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2009 by David Payne

Up until recently, on my main desktop (Win XP SP3), I had CW3.1, CW5.0, CW6.0 and PEMicro HCS08 Development Kit all installed and all working and all able to communicate through my USB Multilink (USB-ML-12 Rev B Firmware V5.79).
Recently I used Add/Remove Programmes to remove CW3.1 and CW5.0, then I installed CW6.2.
Towards the end of the install I got this error, see attached file Exhibit A. It still proceeded however and when I eventually plugged in the Multilink the computer found the "new" hardware and looked like it was going to set it up but ended up with this error (See Exhibit B).

Since then:
1. I have downloaded the driver 9.02 from P&E and installed that. It gave the same error as in the CW install.
2. Downloaded the driver_test.exe programme from P&E, it says everything is where it is supposed to be.
3. Used Add/Remove programmes to do a repair on CW6.2, this took about an hour but achieved nothing.
4. Moved all the files mentioned by the driver_test programme to another directory, removed and re-installed 9.02 drivers from P&E, now when do test everything there except for windrv6.inf but this is what the error says.
5. Contacted P&E support, waited for 5 days, then they said to uninstall drivers, uninstall HCS08 Dev Kit then re-install the 9.02 drivers. Exactly the same problems occur.

I have run out of ideas!

My Multilink still works on another computer.

I feel there is just something I have to delete or some registry entry to modify/delete and all will be well again.

Can anybody offer any other suggestions?