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Current Code Warrior Licensing Options Questions

Question asked by JONG CHEN on Apr 9, 2019

In the past I was able to get part number CWP-STANDARD-FL which was an perpetual floating license for Code Warrior for Power architecture. The price was very reasonable at $2500. Currently what I am seeing is CWA-LS-DVLPR-FL which is an annual floating license for $3000 or an "special long term" license for $17,999. When I try to add the "special long term" to my cart I get an error message to contact NXP support. I sent NXP support an e-mail like the error message suggested and I never heard back. So my questions are what is the "special long term" license? Is it the same as the old perpetual license? Why is there such a large differential in cost now? Is there a way to buy the old perpetual licenses? How do I contact someone that can answer my questions?