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Waveform of HSX and HGX at the moment after power on

Question asked by 震 王 on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by Daniel Martynek


There is a new MCU without software. I have done several tests to capture the waveform of the HSX and HGX at the moment after power on.

         Connect the circuit as shown, VBAT=12V,CBS=470nf,RFILT=47Ω,RHS=10Ω,CFILT=NC:

  • At the moment after power on, HSX rises up to 11V at the same speed with VLS_OUT, and then falls to 0V after about 45ms. The waveform of HGX is completely consistent with HSX;
  • In the case of removing RHS, HSX remains low and HGX is also low after power on.



  1. As the normal circuit, whether HSX and HGX are connected at the moment after power on?
  2. In the case of removing RHS, I guess the connect between HSX and HGX is disappeared and the MCU changes HGX to 0V. The reason is that HGX will be 11V due to CG when in pending state. But I cannot find specification about the principle of changing HGX to 0V in the datasheet.


Look forward to your reply and thanks very much!