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How to add a 2nd hardware SPI port into project ?

Question asked by James Whitney on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by Kerry Zhou


After the necessity of requiring jumper JP6 to use PORT J4 was pointed out to me I am successfully able to read various stored parameters from the Microchip 25AA02UID EEPROM. Thanks !!

Currently, I am adding sections of that project to my SD card project. While defined in a different manner/location to the EEPROM project, on doing a 'search', both projects have defined 'EXAMPLE_SPI_MASTER' and its associated parameters, which creates several conflicts. The SD Card is using Flexcomm 5, while the EEPROM is using Flexcomm3. I do not want to attach both peripherals to i.e., Flexcomm 5.

To enable Flexcomm3, I modified all of the 'EXAMPLE_SPI_MASTER' related parameters in the combined project to 'EXAMPLE2........" Next I went into 'pin_mux.c' and *uncommented* all of the pin assignments for the Flexcomm 3 SPI signals, CS (SSEL), MOSI, MISO, and SCK. Problem is, seems only half of the signals are working: SCK and MOSI are working, but CS is not. I won't know whether MISO is working till CS works.

Anyone have an idea as to what I'm missing to get CS working.



P.S. I have attached 2 images: the first is for the correctly working SPI/EEPROM project, the second is for the partially working SPI 3 port.