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imx8mq: VPU base decoding and display

Question asked by jignesh patel on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by Nico Coesel

Hello NXP Team,


I use "hx170dec" example to decoder h264 video and created one drm base application that display that NV12 data on HDMI.

I used to read file at 30 fps and display it on HDMI. Everything are working correct but just i see that CPU usage is around 40%.  Here I need to use memcpy to copy VPU decoded data to display.


1. Do we have any example that can avoid above memcopy to reduce CPU usage. ?


2. In another use-case I also need to display encoded data to lcdif. I know that currently lcdif only support RGB format and VPU does not support any post processing. So do we have any library or example GPU base for NV12 to RGB croma conversion ?



Jignesh Patel