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Question about i.MX6Q/QP errara ERR004536.

Question asked by Takayuki Ishii on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by Takayuki Ishii

Hello community,


I have some questions about i.mx6DQ and i.MX6DQP errata IMX6DQCE.

From rev 6 to rev 6.1 it have modified about ERR004536.


  I have no file of IMX6DQCE rev6.

  Only rev6.1 and rev7 I have.


In table 2. it say that 

 1) "removing i.MX6Dual/Quad Only.", that's meen it have both i.MX6Dual/Quad and i.MX6DualPlus/QuadPlus

    have this errata. is it correct?



2) It say that "from: Silicon revision 1.3 to; No fix scheduled".

  In Linux BSP, to fix this issue, it has modified to set bit7 of 0x6C register as following.


But newest post of git it will be modified to clear bit7 as following.


Which is correct to set bit[7] = 1 or bit[7] = 0?

It have no information about this register address offset of 0x6C in reference manual.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,