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About memory(RAM and Flash) usage in MPC5748G

Question asked by Doyeon Kim on Apr 7, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by Lukas Zadrapa

Hi, I have some issues at MPC5748G memory.

I use MPC5748G motherboard.


[Question 1]

For two cores' shared variable, I used shared RAM. (I modified linker files)


Then, for the test, I make simple LED ON code.


What is really strange is that the GPDO [99] LED (core 2) is on but the GPDO [98] LED (core 1) is not on.


GPDO[99] LED is on -> shared RAM address 0x400B8024 contain value 0x00000001.

Core 1 checks the value of 0x400B8024 address. The value is 0x00000001 but GPDO[98] LED is not on.

Why this issue happens?


Can not two cores access RAM at the same time?

How can I fix that issue?

I attached my test project file.


[Question 2]

Is it possible two cores access RAM and Flash at the same time?

For example, 

Core 1 write the RAM memory some values. At the same time, core 2 write Flash memory some values.


I am not sure that the action is possible When I saw the block diagram.