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Driver Compilation on Host for Linux L4.9.88 for i.MX

Question asked by mayank sirotiya on Apr 8, 2019
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I have i.MX 8QuadXPlus MEK. It came with a preloaded SD card with Linux L4.9.88.

I would like to compile my driver on my Host Ubuntu machine and then load it to i.MX board running with L4.9.88 kernel version.

For furnishing the same, I have tried following :-

NOTE: There is no imx_v7_defconfig inside arm64 configs, hence I have copied the same from arm/configs. Please let me know if this is correct?

  • Once the compilation succeeds, copy the *.ko's on board, and try to insert the modules using insmod. Unfortunately this fails to load.


Could you please share the nice steps for building and loading the driver on host machine like Ubuntu? Or is there any other simpler way of furnishing the same?