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how to solve the status code error ZPS_APL_ZDP_E_NOT_PERMITTED in zigbee 3.0 stack

Question asked by jay prajapati on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Basic details.

controller                      : JN5169.

Zigbee version             :  3.0.

Stack                            : JN-SW-4170
build version                 : 1840.

Application Template    : JN_AN_1217.

i have configure the JN_AN_1217 application for normal sleep after the device has joined the network.

when coordinator is powered off and, if the joined device try to sends the data to coordinator after wake from normal sleep(Ram On & Osc off).

But due to synchronization loss end device try to search for parent but parent is powered off rejoin failure event occurs on end device side.On rejoin failure event i put the device in normal sleep again(Ram On & Osc off).

When End device again wake from normal sleep(Ram On & Osc off) for sending respective data, first poll request is fired but in return status i get ZPS_APL_ZDP_E_NOT_PERMITTED(0x8b) and end device is not even try to rejoin.


for solution i haved to soft reset the device then only i can send any request out.

if some body have come across this type of error and solved with some other way let me know in reply.