Swapnil Misal

About SCST software module provided by NXP

Discussion created by Swapnil Misal on Apr 8, 2019

I have integrated SCST in my code and performing all 43 test mentioned. But have an issue that this execution gets interrupted in between, other functionality of my code is not affected, but occurrence of this condition is frequent. And its not for a specific test case(function), any test case get interrupted. I tried two methods to execute

1) Run all tests at once in every 1Sec (m4_scst_execute_core_tests(0, 43);)

2) Executing single test at every 100msec {(m4_scst_execute_core_tests(i,i);) i incremented at every 100msec} 

But found same behavior of test getting interrupted in between.

Help me to get over this issue