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Boot Pinout for QSPI

Question asked by Chris K on Apr 7, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by jeremyzhou

Hi all. I have a question about the pin selection for FLEXSPI for booting. I would like to know if we can boot off FLEXSPI_B instead of FLEXSPI_A as in the EVK. In table 8-1 of the reference manual, it seems to indicate that only FLEXSPI_A can be used to boot. However in table 52 of datasheet, it seems to imply that both can be used. In addition, in table 21-2 of the reference manual, eFUSE BOOT_CFG1[FLASH_TYPE] equal to 0b111 says 'on secondary pinmux option'. What is that referring to? What is the primary pinmux option, and can you not have QSPI on that?