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FRDM K64,not able to soft reset on Cpu_SystemReset() call

Question asked by kirti raje on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by kirti raje


I am using FRDM K64 board for writing boot loader and application firmware in KDS. My boot loader starts at 0x00 and application  starts at 0xA000. I want to soft reset the firmware, whenever I get command to do so.I have disabled all interrupts and called Cpu_SystemReset() processor experts function call to soft reset the firmware. I am expecting my device PC should jump to bootloader address 0x00 after soft reset. It is resetting from application but not jumping to boot loader address 0x00. I can see SDA_RESET LED D1 and SDA_LED Green D2 are set ON after soft reset function call. I am using opensda debugger for debugging the application.I was trying to attach debugger to test boot loader application after resetting from application code but not able to find out where is my program stuck.


Any help would be appreciated.