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U-boot stops when relocation starts

Question asked by Dusan Ferbas on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by Dusan Ferbas

Hi guys,

a month ago, I raised a question about not booting from SD card. See here.

We went further and built a bootable u-boot image by playing with defconfigs, board header definitions (ls1021atwr.h) and other stuff. Now we stops when u-boot starts relocation, i.e. just between board_f and board_r init calls. I was advised to check DDR settings, but this is not the case.
Our board is based on ls1021atwr, but does not have the CPLD. So we want to remove unneeded code. Finally we found when we remove any of 3 U_BOOT_CMD definitions from ls1021atwr.c, we are unable to continue with relocation. DDR works fine, it should be something with LD script or something else. I attached logs, u-boot map and several other files for both working and not working image. Just a single change in a single file, so maps can be compared. If someone observed similar thing, please let me know.