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PN7462 SPI Master Receive Interrupt

Question asked by sanath rai on Apr 5, 2019
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i am working on PN7462  NFC based Microcontroller.

I am using PNEV7462C development kit .

I need SPI master for one of my application.

i am able to transmit multiple data via MOSI to the slave device using the HAL driver function

but my issue is with Receiving data via MISO .

there is HAL function for it , but my application needs it in interrupt form, that is when i receive data  ISR for receive data should be called.


There is this  concept of water level interrupt which is bit confusing .Can any one help me to figure out the water level interrupts ? how can it be used for receive SPI data?


Are there any other way to receive SPI data via interrupts?



Sanath Rai